meeting Materials, Minutes, Video links & Public Correspondences

All FORA Board meetings are open to the public. Listed below are the Agendas, Minutes, Packets, Email correspondences, Presentations and video links for the current year. Minutes of previous years can also be found through the Archives link.

The minutes will be posted after the minutes have been approved. Board packets are available online or from the FORA office, one week prior to the board meeting. Meetings begin at 2:00 p.m., unless otherwise noticed/announced, and are held in the Carpenters Union Hall on the former Fort Ord, 910 Second Avenue, Marina, CA 93933. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please call the FORA office for up-to-date information.  If you would like to receive Board meeting notices, please submit your request to Dominique Jones (831) 883-3672 or

The public may email comments directly to the FORA Board at While this provides a convenient method of submitting comments and concerns, understand that emails sent to this address will not receive a Board response. If you have questions regarding FORA activities or if you require assistance, please contact staff directly at (831) 883-3672.   

All emails submitted to are included in the Board packet and posted here on a monthly basis (labeled as “Emails” in the table below). Correspondence received before the close of business on Thursday one week prior to the Board meeting is included in that month’s packet.  All emails submitted to the FORA Board at this address are a matter of public record. Please do not include any private information. Correspondence that includes profanity and/or other obscene language will not be posted.

Meeting Materials (PDF)
Emails (PDF)
Presentations (PDF)
1/13 Agenda Packet Minutes -- video Dec 3-Jan 6 5i | 6b | 6d
1/26 Agenda Minutes -- -- -- --
2/10 Agenda Packet Minutes -- video Jan 7-Feb 3 Progress Update | Blight/Removal
3/10 Agenda Packet Minutes -- video Feb 4-Mar 3 8a | 8b | 8c
4/7 Agenda Packet Minutes see below video Mar 4-Mar 28 | April 4 8a | 8b
5/12 Agenda Packet Minutes see below video April 5 - May 11 8b | 8c | 8d | 8e
6/9 Agenda Packet Minutes see below video May 12 - June 2 8b | 8c
7/14 Agenda Packet Minutes -- video June 3 - July 7 --
7/26 Workshop Agenda Minutes -- video July 8 - July 21 Presentation
8/11 Agenda Packet Minutes -- video July 22 - Aug 4 Econdev | SVG | MCWD
9/8 Agenda Packet Minutes see below video Aug 5 - Sept 8 Presentation
10/13 Agenda | Special Agenda Packet   -- video Sept 9 - Oct 12 --
10/26 Agenda Packet   FAQs video Oct 13-25 Presentation
11/17 Agenda Packet   --   Oct. 25-Nov 12 8a | 8b | 8e

Dates in italics indicates change in/addition to regular meeting schedule.

*Additional Meeting Materials & Attachments

April 7: May 12:
Item 7f Attachment C Text Redline Item 8c Attachment A - CIP
Item 7f Attachment D Figures Item 8c Attachment B - Reallocation Study
Item 7f Attachment F Text Corrections Table Item 8c Attachment C - Biennial Review
Item 8a Exhibits A through D Item 8e Attachment C - MCWD Budget FY2017-18
June 9: September 8:
Item 8b Attachment A - FORA Reallocation Study Item 9a Attachment A
Item 8b Exhibit 1 to Attachment B Item 9a Attachment B