Meeting materials & Minutes

All Veterans Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Following are the meeting agendas, packets and minutes. Meetings are scheduled for every 4th Thursday of each month, but are subject to change. The meetings begin at 3:00pm and are held in the FORA conference room, 920 2nd Avenue, Marina. Please call the FORA office for up-to-date information.  

If you would like to receive Veterans Issues Advisory Committee meeting notices, please submit your request to Dominique Jones (831) 883-3672 or

PDF Files
January 25 Agenda Minutes
February 22 Packet Minutes
March 22 Packet Minutes
April 26 Packet Minutes
May 24 Packet  
June 28 Packet  
July 26    
August 23    
September 27    
October 25    
November 22    
December 27    

*Indicates change in regular schedule.