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FORA’s legislative terminus is June 30, 2020. An ad hoc committee, the Transition Task Force (TTF) was created in April 2016 and made a recommendation to the Board to pursue a legislative extension and a transition plan. The TTF will make a recommendation to the FORA Board on a “transition plan” in January 2018.  Its task consists of working with staff to create a transition plan to include methodology for allocating assets/liabilities; a methodology for infrastructure improvement timing; an entity structure to implement obligations and financing options. If you would like to receive meeting notices, please submit your request to Dominique Jones (831) 883-3672 or

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Tuesday, April 18 Agenda Committee Charge | Presentation
Tuesday, May 9 @2:00pm Agenda Presentation
Wednesday, May 24 @2:00pm Agenda Presentation
Wednesday, June 14 @3:00pm Agenda Presentation
Wednesday, July 19 @9:00am    


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