NOTE: The County of Monterey will be the caretakers of all FORA records post-June 30, 2020. Please visit the County website for public records request instructions:


Procedure and guidelines for access to public records

The California Public Records Act (CPRA), Government Code 6250-6276.48 governs agencies such as FORA to make public records available upon request. FORA staff are pleased to assist you in your request for public records/information.  Public records maintained by FORA are available for inspection by members of the public pursuant to guidelines and procedures available from the Public Records Request Form:

Public Records Request Form Email Public Records Request



FORA makes the following enterprise systems catalog available in compliance with the latest amendment to the California Public Records Act, Section 6270.5 (Senate Bill 272 adopted 10/11/2015).

CPRA section 6270.5 requires each agency to create a catalog of its enterprise systems, have it publicly available upon request, and to post it on the agency’s website. Annual updates are also required and will be provided by FORA staff each June. The catalog contains information such as the system vendor, product, purpose, and a description of the types of data and is accessible here:

Enterprise Systems Catalog