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Project Map Fig. 3 twenty-seventwenty-six twenty-five twenty-four twenty-three twenty-two twenty nineteen eighteen seventeen sixteen fifteen fourteen thirteen twelve eleven ten nine eight six five four one seven three two twenty-one twenty-fivetwenty-fourtwenty-threetwenty-twotwentynineteeneighteenseventeensixteenfifteenfourteenthirteentwelveeleventennineeightsixfivefourone seven three two twenty-one
1 22-acres South of
Lightfighter Drive
The City of Seaside awarded an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement to KB-Bakewell for this mixed use area. 22 Seaside planning process
2 Abrams Park Housing   Abrams Park 192 units on 42 acres that were rehabilitated at just under $35,000 per unit. One fifth of the units rent at affordable rates, the balance at market rates. Abrams URL: 42 Marina rehabilitated and occupied
3 American Youth Hostel This phased 120-bed youth hostel development will produce visitor serving facilities adjacent to CSUMB and the Fort Ord National Monument. URL: 4.1 Seaside entitled; rehabilitation/adaptive reuse expected to begin in late 2014
4 Bayview Community Bayview Community is a privately-owned 223-residential unit community located on 52 acres. 52 Seaside built and occupied
5 California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) CSUMB is central to the base reuse recovery and employs over 1200 staff/faculty. Enrollment is grow as the campus moves ahead with blight removal to make way for construction. CSU determines campus land use under State authority for educational uses. The campus is committed to Fort Ord sustainable reuse. URL:  1377 Marina, Seaside
& Monterey County
Partially entitled
6 Cypress Knolls  This 712-unit/190 acre senior housing project is located on the former "Lower Patton Park."  As previously planned, the project called for single-family homes with amenities for care requirements for over 54 year old adults. Project entitlements have been processed.  However, the developer is no longer with the project and the City of Marina is re-evaluating this property. URL: 190 Marina entitled but stalled
7 Department of Defense DMDC and DLI In 2012, the DoD Center at 400 Gigling Road employed 711 people through the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) and 690 people through the Defense Language Institute (DLI).  24 Army rehabilitated and occupied
8 East Garrison This entitled 1,470-unit/ 244 acre planned community will provide single-family homes, apartments, and townhomes; recreational and community areas; and an artist live-and-work “downtown” residential and visitor-serving area. The project includes approximately 40,000sf retail. 244 County Entitled in 2006, 65-unit subsidized apartment complex built, more than 30 market rate units built or under construction
9 Imjin Office Park  This is a planned 5-acre LEED certified civic center office site envisioned to accommodate: Marina Coast Water District (future occupants), FORA offices, Bureau of Land Management, and Carpenters Union Local 605 (current occupants). 5 Marina partially built
10 Marina Airport   Formerly Fritsche Army Airfield on approximately 400 acres, now the Marina Municipal Airport is leased to aviation and related uses, including: skydiving, helicopter repair, and ambulance service.  URL: 400 Marina rehabilitated and occupied, business park planned
11 Sea Haven (formerly known as Marina Heights) This 1,050 unit/248 acre residential project will provide single-family and townhomes in the City of Marina and has no commercial elements. URL: documents/20/21/32/MH%20SpecificPlan051603_201403031525065440.pdf 248 Marina Phase I entitled in 2004, site preparation nearly completed, currently marketing for builder
12 Military Housing During the Fort Ord base closure process, the U.S. Army retained property to support the military mission.  A between the U.S. Army/Clark-Pinnacle partnership is rebuilding the Ord Military Community.  Thus far, this has resulted in approximately 300 replacement military residential units. 827 Army Original housing units being replaced in phases as part of the Army's Residential Communities Initiative
14 Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) Monterey Peninsula College’s Education Center at Marina gives residents of northwestern Monterey County an opportunity to pursue a college education close to home or work.  MPC's Marina Education Center is conveniently located at 289 12th Street (Imjin Parkway and 3rd Street) in Marina.  This 12,000 square-foot permanent facility, with eight classrooms, opened in the fall of 2011. 23.4 Marina built and occupied
15 Preston Park Preston Park housing consists of 354 former Army units (on 98 acres) rehabilitated at a cost of less than $6,000 per unit. 51 units are rented at affordable rates and the balance are rented at market rates.  98 Marina rehabilitated and occupied
16 Promontory Project developer (AMCAL) received project entitlements in 2013 to build a 174-unit student dormitory adjacent to CSUMB Campus. 8.5 Marina Entitled and under construction
17 Seaside East Approximately 580 acres of land East of General Jim Moore Blvd., zoned for residential, commercial, and recreational uses.  Most of this land is under FORA's Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement (ESCA) remediation program and expected to transfer from FORA to Seaside in 2015. 580 Seaside planning process
18 Seaside Highlands Project developer (KB-Bakewell) removed +/- 600 former Army housing units on 110 acres and built 380 new residential units.  Project completed by 2005. 110 Seaside built and occupied
19 Seaside Resort This project on 373 acres includes two former Army golf courses, 330 hotel units, 170 timeshare units, and 125 residential units.  373 Seaside Entitled in 2005, unbuilt except for 1 residential unit
20 Sun Bay Apartments Sun Bay Apartments is a privately-owned 297-residential unit community located on 24 acres. 24 Seaside built and occupied
21 Seaside University Center (also known as Surplus II) The City of Seaside awarded an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement to KB-Bakewell for this mixed use area. 78 Seaside planning process
22 The Dunes on Monterey Bay (previously known as University Villages) Designed in phases, this retail, commercial, and residential project on 291 acres is planned for the following single, separated uses:  1,237 housing units, 500 new hotel rooms, 760,000sf in Office, and 570,000sf in retail.  Phase I is still in progress.  A portion of phase I retail consisting of large-format retail including Best Buy, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, was completed in 2007 (approximately 360,000sf). Development of a new VA Clinic and movie theater are expected to begin in late 2014 or early 2015. URL: 291 Marina Phase I entitled in 2005, partially built, 108-unit subsidized apartment complex under construction
23 The Projects at the Main Gate The Seaside Main Gate is planned for a regional retail center and hotel, a Specific Plan was processed on 50 acres in 2007 and 2008.  Due to economic conditions, the proposer withdrew from the project prior to project entitlements. URL: 50 Seaside specific plan adopted 2010, not yet entitled
24 University of California, Monterey Bay Education, Science, and Technology (UC MBEST)  Eleven hundred acres of the former Fort Ord located in Marina and the County were conveyed to UC MBEST ( in 1994 for the purpose of developing 4.4 million square feet for research and development on 500 acres, with 600 acres to be managed as open space habitat.  Two single-story buildings were developed and the university is now contemplating reducing the footprint of R&D development to the 70 acres currently served with infrastructure. URL: 70 (1100) Marina partially built
25 Veterans Cemetery  The California Department of Veterans Affairs has received funding for construction and maintenance of a 26 +/- veterans cemetery near the Fort Ord National Monument.  The initial construction will consist of a columbarium that will hold an estimated 5,600 urns.  Expansion, as yet unfunded, will to include 11,500 gravesites in its 20-year build out. URL: 26 Seaside/County Project design nearing completion and CEQA document preparation in process
26 City of Del Rey Oaks 340 +/- acre mixed Use project planned east of GJM Blvd along South Boundary Rd. 340 Del Rey Oaks Planning process
27 City of Monterey Business Park project planned on approximately 100 acres North and South of South Boundary Rd. 100 City of Monterey Planning process