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    Please review FORA's Updated Remote Meeting Protocols and Best Practices Guidance prior to all meetings.

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    to the natural beauty of the former Fort Ord in Monterey County, California. Learn more about FORA and its member agencies.

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    Fort Ord Reuse Authority

    We are the regional planning authority working to implement the Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan.

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    FORA Transition Planning

    The 2018 Transition Plan includes a plan for completing the required work for the region before FORA's Sunset June 30, 2020.

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  • Economy


    Implementation of the Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan is laying the groundwork for sustainable economic development.

  • CSUMB campus


    The former Fort Ord is the regional center of a growing world-class educational community.

  • Fort Ord lands


    Conserving ecological resources of the former base is a main tenet of the Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan.

  • The Three E's: Economy, Education, Environment

    Economy, Education & Environment

    Designation of the Fort Ord National Monument embodies the spirit of collaboration at the former Fort Ord.

Executive Officer Josh Metz

Executive Officer, Josh Metz

Please welcome our new Executive Officer Josh Metz, who will be directing the remaining team members and guiding board and committee members towards the finish line as FORA sunsets June 30, 2020. Contact Josh with any questions or concerns: josh@fora.org

Media Release

MARINA, CA — Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the winners of the third annual “National Federal Facility Excellence in Site Reuse” awards. These awards recognize the innovative thinking and cooperation among federal agencies, states, tribes, local partners and developers that have led to noteworthy restoration and reuse of federal facility sites. Fort Ord was honored for its Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program, managed by the Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) in collaboration with United States Army.

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Fort Ord in the News

Seaside approves FORA bond agreement for building removal in Campus Town project area

Eight structures within development site marked for demolition with portion of bond funds
May 14, 2020

SEASIDE — With the June 30 Fort Ord Reuse Authority sunset on the horizon, the Seaside City Council unanimously approved a Fort Ord Reuse Authority bond agreement at its meeting last week that would allow the city to receive bond proceeds should the reuse authority go through with the bond issuance and investors buy the bond needed for building removal left from the closure of the former Army base.

Seaside City Councilman Jon Wizard said the Fort Ord Reuse Authority is projected to obtain between $25 million and $55 million in bond proceeds, which would be distributed to Seaside, Marina, Monterey County, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, Monterey-Salinas Transit and Marina Coast Water District.

“Seaside’s portion of the bond is 32.25% of the proceeds, and we plan to use that money to remove the hammerheads in the Campus Town project,” said Wizard.

The bond agreement includes the indenture, the formal contract between a bond issuer and the bondholders. It sets forth the details of all the terms and conditions of the bonds. The Fort Ord Reuse Authority requires agreements from each of the six entities sharing in the proceeds in order to satisfy the bond investors’ need for security in their investment.

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media release

Coronavirus: Monterey County board OKs expanded business re-opening report

Unanimous vote to submit attestation to state immediately

SALINAS — The county took another step Tuesday toward reopening dine-in restaurants, shopping malls and in-store retail, in-person religious services, hair salons and barbershops.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to send a variance attestation report to the state Department of Public Health outlining the county’s readiness to allow additional business re-openings under the state’s expanded Stage 2 criteria and also approved a letter of support for the report.

The board conducted a special meeting the day after Memorial Day to consider the attestation report after county health staff spent the holiday weekend working on the document. County spokeswoman Maia Carroll said the document was to be submitted to the state that same day.

Local hospitals and most local cities have also offered letters of support. according to county Health Officer Dr. Edward Moreno. Carroll said eight local cities have submitted support letters and those will be included in the submittal.

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